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(as of July 1, 2010)

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HQ-Sixteen Traditional Sitdown Package w/ Table
Includes: HQ-Sixteen, Foot Pedal, Ott Light, External Bobbin Winder
HQ 18 Avante
HQ 18 Avante - Adjustible Table/ Professional frame w/ Single Track (straight wheels)
HQ18 Avante - Studio Frame w/ Procision Glide Track (V wheels)
Includes: HQ-Avante with Stitch Regulator, Front/Rear Handles, Laser, Carriage, Ott Light, External Bobbin Winder, Portable Professional Frame, Accessory Kit
HQ 18 Avante/ProStitcher Package
  w/ Studio Frame


Accessory Kit Includes: 5 bobbins, 10 pack 100/16 needles, 10 pack 110/18 needles, 2.5mm hex wrench, 5mm hex wrench, power cord, pen oiler (filled), HQ Sixteen instructional DVD, cone of thread, user manuel with service card and Warranty papers, and free pattern
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